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Wi-Fi Smart Remote Control Plug Socket

Wi-Fi Smart Remote Control Plug Socket

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Pairing Instructions: 
1.IOS: enter the App Store, download the "iSmartPlug"; Andrews: scanning the two-dimensional code from the specification; 
2.Open the APP, click on the "+" into the picture 2; click on the "Setup WIFI connection", enters the picture 3; 
3.Click the "QR Scan", then scan two-dimensional code equipment behind, acquisition device code; 
4.The device is powered, wait 20 seconds, in the "Password", enter your WiFi password; 
5.Click "Start configuring WIFI", begin to connect the device, wait about one minute, it will prompt the connection is successful; 
6.Close APP, opened again; then will enter Picture 5; when clicked, will enter the picture. 6, this time, you can control the outlet, open or closed; 
7.The first opens, enter the "left of the first set," performed to adjust the time zone, so as not to affect your timing functions (right first device); 
8."lock" setting, you can change your device password, the initial password in the back of the device; After changing the password, enter the APP, enters the picture Picture 5, you need to "long press" Device Name block, enter modify the device, enter the correct password, and then confirm to normal use. 
Scope of delivery: 
1 * WiFi socket 
1 * Manual 

-Working Principle: Smart Socket connects to Internet through WIFI and controls the power of socket from APP in Smart Phone
-Fitted with SmartLink technology.
-Supports WiFi network & remote network connection through the router
-Support Smart configure net  technology, easy to access settings
-Know the status of your sockets at all times.
-If you switch it on, the App will show you that it’s on and vice versa.
-The socket integrates the latest and most reliable SmartLink technology.
-The WiWo app under goes frequent updates to maximize the user experience.
-Size and design
This wifi socket is small and compact.
Two Wifi sockets can be plugged in the same double socket with room to spare.
Designed to allow access your sockets ON/OFF switch.
In terms of size, reliability and performance this socket is without an equal.
-CE, ROHS, certififed
-Plug and play, no need to install battery( Plug into socket and operate according the detailed Instruction Manual)
-Working voltage: AC110~240V
-Max power: 2200W(resistance loading)
-Working current: Max 10A
-Color: Pearl White
-Material: ABS flame retarding polymer
-Plug Standard: US
-Wireless frequency: 2.412 ~ 2.484GHz
-Wireless IEEE standards: WiFi 2.4GHz  b/g/n
-Security type: WEP/TKIP/AES
-Security regime: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
-Wireless consuming: ?0.3W
-Temp: -20 ~ 40?
-Humidity: ?80%
-Color: Pearl white
-Material: ABS
-Size: 107 x 60 x 30mm
-Weight: 110g

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