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Professional Makeup Brushes (Pack Of 10)

Professional Makeup Brushes (Pack Of 10)

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  • 10pcs Oval Toothbrush Make Up BrushProfessional Full Size Value SetWith Pretty BoxSoft And High Quality

  • Features:

    • New & High quality
    • Give you a flawless foundation application every single time.
    • No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.
    • With a concave desigh,which is perfect for you to apply liquid foundation on your face



    1. Foundation Brush: Total L:16.5cm/  Brush Hair L:6.5cm/ Brush Hair W:5.5cm/ Brush Hair H:1.6cm/41g
    2. Blusher Brush:        Total L:16.0cm/  Brush Hair L:5.0cm/ Brush Hair W:3.5cm/ Brush Hair H:1.5cm/32g
    3. Powder Brush:        Total L:15.5cm/  Brush Hair L:4.0cm/ Brush Hair W:2.5cm/ Brush Hair H:1.3cm/23g
    4. Concealer Brush:    Total L:15.0cm/  Brush Hair L:3.0cm/ Brush Hair W:2.0cm/ Brush Hair H:1.3cm/17g
    5. Blending Brush:       Total L:14.5cm/  Brush Hair L:2.2cm/ Brush Hair W:1.3cm/ Brush Hair H:1.2cm/16g
    6. Eyeshadow Brush:  Total L:14.0cm/  Brush Hair L:2.5cm/ Brush Hair W:0.5cm/ Brush Hair H:1.0cm/10g
    7. Eeybrow Brush:      Total L:13.5cm/  Brush Hair L:1.7cm/ Brush Hair W:0.3cm/ Brush Hair H:1.0cm/10g
    8. Eyeliner Brush:        Total L:16.5cm/  Brush Hair L:6.5cm/ Brush Hair W:5.5cm/ Brush Hair H:1.6cm/10g
    9. Faceblender Brush:Total L:12.0cm/  Brush Hair DIA:0.7cm/  Brush Hair H:0.9cm/9g
    10. Eyeshadow Brush:  Total L:11.5cm/  Brush Hair DIA:0.6cm/  Brush Hair H:0.9cm/10g



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