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Precise Pedi Foot File Electronic Pedicure Tool

Precise Pedi Foot File Electronic Pedicure Tool

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Introducing Precise Pedi, the beauty breakthrough for buffing away dry, cracked skin and calluses on your toes and feet. Other products are too big and wide, making it difficult to target a specific area of your foot. But Precise Pedi provides the control you need to hone in on problem areas quickly and easily. Use the large round tip to safely remove rough skin around your heels, soles and sides of your feet. As a bonus, use the thin cone tip to get those hard-to-reach areas between your toes. You don’t have to be embarrassed to expose your toes and feet anymore. With Precise Pedi, you can wear strappy shoes and sandals with confidence.


Precise Pedi is the powerful and precise way to buff dry, cracked, & callused skin
Precision Roller Tips for tight areas, even in between toes
Safely and easily remove hard skin for smooth, beautiful feet
Ergonomically shaped for easy handling
Battery operated electronic foot file uses two AA batteries (not included)

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