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40 Inches Matt White Foalding Projector Screen

40 Inches Matt White Foalding Projector Screen

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40 inches 4:3 Matt White Portable Table Screen Desk Projection screen Floor Standing Projector Screen for home cinema.


 Table Screens are perfect for moving small presentations. Using PET screen material and unique extended spring structure to ensure the screen surface perfect flat when put on the table. The screen is widely used for commercial negotiation which lets you deliver professional presentation anytime and anywhere with ease. Exclusive design oval ring-pull, easy to pull up table screen. Silver ring pull with black Housings, elegant atmosphere. 







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Screen Material Introduction

Matt White Projector Screen: GAIN 1.2, good color restoring effect, large Fov (view of angle), soft ray of light. Eyes don’t feel tired even when you watch for long time. With long life span and low cost, it applies to home & commercial versatile usage. It’s suggested when above 2000lm for commercial use and 1000lm for home. It’s also widely used in engineering project, outdoor project, KTV etc. Can be washed.  


White Fabric Fiber Glass Projector Screen: GAIN 1.3,  >160°visual angle, highly bright, good color restoring effect, clear imaging; support 1080P imaging projecting, large Fov, soft ray of light. Eyes don’t feel tired even when you watch for long time. The screen is even with light weight, and the edge will not curl when the weather changes. Physic parameters are stable because it’s processed with special technology. The most advanced quality surpass current matt white projector screen. Can be washed.

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